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AdvanTex® Treatment Systems

Compact and affordable, Orenco's AdvanTex Treatment Systems provide consistent, reliable onsite treatment of residential and commercial wastewater, even under peak conditions. AdvanTex Treatment Systems are ideal for small sites, system upgrades and repairs, new installations, pretreatment, and nitrogen reduction.

The heart of the AdvanTex Treatment System is the AdvanTex Filter — a fiberglass basin filled with an engineered textile material. This highly absorbent material treats a tremendous amount of wastewater in a very small space. With AdvanTex, there are no noisy, power-hungry blowers. No activated sludge to manage or pump. No discharge of untreated sewage during peak flows or emergencies.

AdvanTex Treatment Systems are easy to service and clean, and use very little power. Their operation is virtually invisible to property owners when they are packaged with VeriComm® remote telemetry unit and its round-the-clock, web-based monitoring system.

VeriComm telemetry control and monitoring capability is installed with all new AdvanTex systems. The system's logic panel, telemetry, and interface with the Internet provide the ability to monitor and manage the system remotely. Our objective is to constantly assure uninterrupted service and eliminate annoying alarms and unscheduled service and repair calls. Each AdvanTex Treatment System requires at least one inspection and maintenance visit per year (larger systems more as required by state regulations). Between visits, VeriComm® automatically monitors system operating details and immediately pages the Service Provider and Premier Environmental should the system require attention.

Low lifecycle costs make AdvanTex Treatment Systems your best value for onsite wastewater treatment.

Graphic and text courtesy of Orenco Systems, Inc.