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Premier Environmental Products, LLC is the Arizona representative of and the AdvanTex Treatment Systems Dealer for Orenco Systems®, Inc.

Orenco Systems offers onsite (decentralized) treatment solutions for all sorts of properties: residential and commercial, small flows and large flows, household-strength waste and high-strength waste, poor soils and high groundwater. Orenco's onsite technologies produce clear, clean, odorless effluent that is 97–99% cleaner, providing "Advanced Wastewater Treatment." The company provides package solutions that are so well engineered they've been described in countless publications. With a proven track record and more than 20 years of research, design, and engineering experience, Orenco Systems is a recognized leader in decentralized wastewater treatment.

The owners of the Premier Environmental have strong backgrounds in water and wastewater treatment, permitting processes and regulations, and issues specific to Arizona's diverse geology. In addition to supplying product, they can also provide design assistance, site consultations, and troubleshooting services.